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4-Points Body Massager 4-Points Body Massager
Relaxus Price: C$4.00
Acu Relex Foot Roller Acu Relex Foot Roller
Relaxus Price: C$9.00
Acu-Ball Massager Acu-Ball Massager
Relaxus Price: C$25.00
Acu-Shiatsu Self-Massage Bar Acu-Shiatsu Massage Bar R
Relaxus Price: C$32.00
Body Massage Tappers Body Tappers Set of 2
Relaxus Price: C$12.00
Brain Wave Head Massager Brainwave Massager (new style)
Relaxus Price: C$12.00
Cellu Roller Massager Cellulite Roller Massager
Relaxus Price: C$48.00
Deluxe Acu Relex Foot Roller Deluxe Acu Relex Foot Roller
Relaxus Price: C$19.00
Electro Acupuncture Massager Electro Acupuncture Massager
Relaxus Price: C$22.00
Extendable Massager  Extends from 8.5" to 20"  Canada Extendable Massager
Relaxus Price: C$6.00
Foot & Body Roller Foot & Body Wooden Roller
Relaxus Price: C$19.00
Hit the Spot Massager Hit the Spot Massager
Relaxus Price: C$11.00
Massaging Acu Tapper Massaging Acu Tapper
Relaxus Price: C$7.00
Medi Acupressure Mat (Blue) Canada Medi Acupressure Mat (Blue)
Relaxus Price: C$49.99
Muscle Rolling Massage Stick Muscle Rolling Massage Stick
Relaxus Price: C$22.00
Power Gyro Ball Power Gyro Ball
Relaxus Price: C$35.00
Wooden Reflex-O-Foot Massager Reflex-o-Foot Roller
Relaxus Price: C$8.00
Resistance Balls - 3 Pack Kit  Vancouver Canada Resistance Balls - 3 Pack Kit
Relaxus Price: C$10.00
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